Saturday, December 31, 2011

I forgot to include this photo.  I was looking in the back of a cupboard for some more bits of red that might have escaped the tub when I came across this pile.
Around 1999, I was saving fabrics for 3 quilts in magazines.  I remember it all so well, not much money so bit by bit over time I squirreled away fabrics.  And here they are!  Found still in their own bags with the magazine.  All carefully labelled with many post-it notes.
Well, fashions and tastes change, let me tell you.  Mine certainly have.  Several bits were "What was I thinking?" material!
So, now it's all moved out of the bags, into the tubs for use.  Some very useful neutrals in there.
The reds are already cut into strips and are in my string blocks.
Oh, and the magazines are back on the shelf!


  1. Isn't it fun to find such a pile? Not only for being able to add the fabric to one's stash - to use in the latest Bonnie Hunter project, perhaps? - but to wonder what one was thinking when it was selected. Aren't you glad to know you're evolving as a quilter?

  2. Yay treasures....OK so some aren't exactly today's standards but chop them up small enough and you won't even notice...there are a couple of pieces in there that I'm happy to take off your hands but they are probably the same ones that you are still liking...darn...