Saturday, May 21, 2011

Friday Night Sew In

Well, FNSI again last night.  Gosh that came along fairly quickly, doesn't seem like a month since the last one. 
Once again I stitched some of my Roll Roll Cotton Boll quilt blocks into rows.  I finished up on the pieced borders last night. 
They look really good- well I think so!  I don't think that I would have attempted this quilt if I'd known about all the piecing at the start.  But I'm really glad to have made it.  Doing little bits at a time takes the effort out, and in the end it all comes together and looks fantastic.
Certainly worth the effort, however long it takes!  Another fabulous original quilt from Bonnie K Hunter and Quiltville.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Things have been going very slowly on the stitching front around here lately.
I've been suffering through the renovation of my kitchen.  No, suffering doesn't even begin to describe it!  LOL.

Well, I have no sink or cupboards, but at least I have my stove back.  Two weeks with nothing but a little 2 burner camping stove or 1 week with only the microwave wasn't pretty. 
Like the very tasteful newspaper curtains?  DH has just finished painting the walls and woodwork,  we  also replaced the floor with new boards and that's all been resurfaced.  Thank  goodness all the smelly jobs are done.  Best news- new kitchen arrives in 2 weeks.  You'll hear me yelling with excitement  I'm sure. 
I always knew I liked to cook, but it never hit me how hard it is to go without baking a chicken for tea, or cooking biscuits and cakes for the kids.
So, whilst going through those trials and tribulations, not much sewing has been happening.  I couldn't get to my sewing room for quite a while, then I just didn't feel like sewing in the mess.
But it's all happening again now.
Found a couple of Joseph's Coat blocks that I'd prepped some time ago, so they've been being stitched over the last few days. 

I've also been slowly sewing rows together for my Roll Roll Cotton Boll  mystery quilt.  I love blocks on point, but I've decided I don't like sewing the diagonal rows together.  They're so looooong.  Need to take a pic when it's all together.  There's a great pieced border to go around  that I've already pieced, so it'll all come together quickly.  At least that's what I keep telling myself!