Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Time has got away from me once again.  A lot of time spent perusing fabric, and little time spent actually sewing.  I finally chose some fabric to make a start on the second block of the African American quilt.

There's a lot more to go around these pieces once they're stitched down.

I've also been working on this new Block of the Month- "Robyn's Nest" designed by Karin at Somerset Patchwork.
I just need to applique a little shape in the centre and that's the first month done.  Might even have it done before the next pattern turns up.  Although this centre isn't that big, it's taken me ages to piece and then stitch together.

Still no closer on the colour of the next border on this little quilt, a medium dark blue, a darkish green?
Possibly a deepish red?
Decisions, decisions.  Pleasant decisions though.

Friday, May 11, 2012

I received a most wonderful book in the mail today.
"Baltimore Garden Quilt" by Barbara Burnham.  Published by AQS.
Barbara has published the patterns for an 1848 red and green applique quilt in the Baltimore style.  Her eye for detail in reproducing this quilt is remarkable.

The actual patterns are on a CD that comes with the book, all ready to print out at correct size.  Nice and easy.
There are pictures of each block from the original quilt and its reproduction.

What really makes me happy though, is that this is one of the best "technical" books on general quilting instructions and  applique that I've seen.  Very easy to understand, and clearly written.  From the small section on fabric choices and the very comprehensive cutting lists to various applique techniques, I LOVE this book.
Sometimes I feel like some books are thrown together just to "get them out".  However, I'm very happy to see that sometimes a gem comes along.
I'm very pleased to say that now I own a real GEM.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Well, after feeling so proud of myself for posting my finished little quilt for April ahead of time, I can't believe that it's been 3 weeks since then.  Where did the time go?
I must admit I've been dilly dallying about finishing off a block for a BOM that I'm doing with Karen Cunningham .  The quilt is a reproduction of one that is thought to be African American from the 1860's.

There is another circular vine to go around in the middle of the leaves yet.  I've been having trouble working out which colour to use.  Stuck with a capital S! 
Now I've decided to just leave it for a while, and go onto Block 2.  As always I'm a little behind- well I have 3 blocks to do so far.  Luckily, Karen is in Paducah at the moment and we're skipping a month, so no pattern for a while.  I'm trying to catch up!
Many of the pieces are quite large, but I'm having trouble with the colours.  The original worked in some very bright, clear colours- very folk arty, and I don't have that many in my cupboard.  Hmmm, should I go shopping?
I've also been working on my May small quilt.  It's a work in progress.

I just need to add 2 small borders.  I'm thinking a medium blue or a nice cheddary colour and then a deepish red.  Maybe!

Nearly up to date with the Just Takes 2  free mystery quilt.  Presently I'm only 2 weeks behind, not too bad at all.

I need to get all the pieces sewn together from the last 3 months, we've sewn 1/4 of the quilt already.  Looking at the pieces, this quilt is really going to be beautiful.  I'm so glad that I decided to join in, I've always wanted to stitch a red and white quilt.
Not such a bad month stitching after all!