Monday, June 25, 2012

Another Finish...

Well, another block is finished.  (almost!).
I'm enjoying sewing on "the Wedding Quilt".  I love the brightness of the colours, the PINK of the background.
I'm afraid I'm a bit stuck on neutrals for backgrounds generally, but I'm so glad that I ventured outside my little square and used the pink.

I do need to add a little embroidery stitching and applique a ring around the centre of the block, but for the moment I'm calling it done.
I do need to get some Aurifil thread - the 12 wt- for the embroidery, and I just can't decide yet on the colour of the centre ring.
In the meantime, on to Block 3.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Looking like Little Women around here...

My sewing room is looking a lot like the living room from Little Women at the moment.  Remember the scene- the mother has gone to Washington to be with her husband and the girls must finish getting the donated clothes sorted out ready for donation to the soldiers of the Civil War.  In other words- I've got stuff EVERYWHERE!
It's one of those times- I've emptied out tubs of fabrics and am sorting through before I decide what to donate and what to keep.
In the sorting I found this:

Oh my, 1998.  Cotton has great keeping qualities doesn't it?
I also found a piece of fabric from my first little quilt.  That would have been late 80's.  The colours are very "what was I thinking?".
I'm so glad we have such wonderful fabrics available now.
I've been stitching more on the second block of my Wedding Quilt and have nearly finished the pieces that I glued on.

It doesn't look much different  to the last picture, but it is!

And to round off, I received some lovely fabrics during the week from Carolyn Konig in Wodonga.  I received her fabric club fabrics and a lovely newsletter, so, after looking at colour pics online I found that these pieces just needed to come to me!

Thursday, June 7, 2012


WooHoooooo, I'm feeling especially good about now!!!!
I finished the first part of my new Block of the Month- "Robin's Nest",  before I've received the next part of the pattern.
This has NEVER happened to me before.
I have the biggest smile.

I'm hanging this little treasure on my design wall for a few days now.  Nothing more to do.

On to some more stitching on my other Block of the Month -" The Marriage Quilt", reproduced from an 18th century quilt thought to be African American.  I love sewing on reproduction quilts.  I especially love the ones that are really faithful to the original.  This quilt is very close to the original quilt.

I've just glued the yellow and blue parts on.  Oh, and the red circles, too.
I'm not near so virtuous with this quilt as "Robin's Nest".  This is the second block I'm working on.  I have the first three blocks, and the forth isn't that far away.  Oh well, more stitching time needed!  Thank goodness for big pieces!
Now if I could just stop reading books I'd be much further along.