Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I'm not a bag maker, but the pattern "Out and About" by Melly and Me Designs that I purchased at Ballarat Patchwork on the weekend, looked great.  Soooo, yesterday I went looking for the fusible fleece and iron on pellon , and started making it up.
The pattern was extremely easy to follow, and made up really well.
I just need to finish off the top- join the bag flap to the bag and add the shoulder strap.  Can't wait to finish and take it out.

Swimming lesson sewing this week had a lot of diamonds being basted for paper piecing into 6 point stars.  I love sitting at swimming lessons now, so much hand sewing can be accomplished in 1 hour of sitting waiting.  I am lucky that our swimming club has a great waiting area, and a lovely coffee machine.
I just love the pumpkin colour at the bottom of the picture, only lotsssss more shapes to baste.  Thank goodness swimming lessons are on going and will be for a long time!  LOL.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

A fabulous day.

A great day to be out and about today, especially for a quilt class.
I took a trip up the highway to Ballarat.  The closer to Ballarat I got, the worse the weather was, so by the time I got there the weather was perfect for a day of sewing.
I had organised a spot in a class at Ballarat Patchwork ages ago, before I had an abundance of projects on the go.  But, what could I do but add another?
Today was Georgetown Turnaround with Trish Harper.  A large handpieced quilt.

Here is my version of my first block
The green on the outer border will be triangles alternating with my white background.  It's awfully busy to me at the moment.
I also found a lovely gift for myself.  I've been looking at these sandpaper/ cutting/ironing boards for a long time.  Well today was the day.
And last but certainly not least, I was weak and bought a fabulous bag pattern.  The demonstration model in the shop was lovely,  and I fell in love with the 2" rings that hold the straps onto the bag.  Well, that's my story!
This bag is big enough for a small- medium sized laptop, but isn't specifically a laptop bag.  I really loved this bag.  The bag uses fusible fleece and iron on pellon, I have no idea what the difference is but I'm going to consult Mr Google and find out.  I may find enough fabric in the cupboard to make one with!  That makes it practically free.

Friday, August 20, 2010

A lot of sewing time happening this week, but I don't feel like I have much to show for it.
I've spent quite a bit of time on my Princess Feather block, but goodness me, the ins and outs of the feather shape take ages to do. 
What was I thinking taking this on?  There are 3 more blocks after this one, each about 30" square.  But, really, I'm sure it will look really good when it's finished- there's a lovely applique border around the whole lot.
The lovely piece of red fabric from Somerset Patchwork and Quilting arrived.  Ohhh, just as nice as I'd remembered.  Still don't know what to use it for, but so gorgeous.
Have also been working on what feels like the largest pin cushion in the universe.
It's got a "hollow" centre to put your thread, scissors, etc into.
I'm going to make another one, but downsize it by about a third I think.

Stuffing the outer was a bit of a challenge, thank goodness for small handed DK's.  I'm still making pincushions to leave around the house in strategic spots.  You can never have too many pincushions.
The weather has been really cold and bleak for the last few days, perfect for stitching inside and not feeling guilty about leaving the garden to its own devices for a while.
I know Spring is on the way, though.  My plum trees have burst out in blossom all of a sudden.
I love the look of this time of year- the sudden burst of green leaves and swelling flower buds.  Nature waking up after the winter.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Another day another post!
Travelled to the other side of the universe today.  Since I moved here 18 years ago, I don't actually go very far afield.  I tend to hang around the neighbouring suburbs and not find much reason to go very far afield from my inner Northern suburbs. 
Well, that all changed today.  I travelled to Mount Waverley- an outer South Eastern suburb that is a long way away on the map.  Anything over 2" and I don't usually bother!  The reason for travel was an excellent one- a patchwork shop to visit.  I've been receiving the newsletter from Somerset Patchwork for quite a while, but haven't got the courage up to go over there.  I mean, it looks a very long way- do I need to take my passport? LOL.  Turns out, if you go in the middle of the day and take the Eastern Freeway, it doesn't take long at all and is very easy to get to.  I'm feeling very chuffed with myself. (I only recently made it to IKEA in Richmond!)
Oh my, there was some very lovely fabric- really lovely.  I'm afraid I had to bring some home with me to make the trip worthwhile.
Beautiful serpentine stripes that I can never find. 
And this delicious specimen that I needed for a quilt I want to stitch in Summer School next year at Patchwork on Stonleigh
I patted and fondled a piece of 19th Century Reds fabric, but couldn't make up my mind how to use it so back on the shelf it went.  Came home and called back the shop.  It's coming in the post on Monday.  Still don't know where I'll use it, but the gorgeous clear red paisley  just needed to come home with me.
Thanks goodness DH isn't home for quite a while, the kitchen table is covered in fabric and the DD's don't mind eating tea in front of the TV.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

A lovely day was had by all today.  I spent the day at Patchwork House in Hawthorn with some very nice ladies and Kellie Wulfsohn of Don't Look Now.  We were working on one of Kellie's projects- Joseph's Coat.  It's been a work in progress for me for a while and the class spurred me on to get going on it.

I completed 2 more blocks in the class today, so now I have 3 rows finished.
Earlier in the month, I entered a give away of Aurifil thread from Jenny at Always Quilting.
Imagine my absolute delight at winning one of the packs.
I love Aurifil Thread.  I use the 50 wt for applique and find it's so beautiful and fine to use.  No slubs, no lint, no fuzziness,  nice and smooth through the fabric.
In the pack were several weights to try- 50, 28 12 weights, and a lovely 12 weight Australian Wool blend.
I can't wait to try the heavier threads and especially the Wool.
I got another parcel in the mail today too.
I recently was involved in a Christmas in July month long time of fun and patterns with Sarah of Quilt Fabric Delights in Adelaide.  Some very scrumptious patterns came my way, and of course some fabric had to fly over so that I could replicate the look. 

Now to go through the patterns and remember what they are for!  Some of the smaller projects will be perfect for the DD's to try.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Back on track.

I keep thinking of the song from old Western movies- I'm back in the saddle again.  After taking a bit of a break from sewing, I'm back into it.  Swimming lessons this week contributed these shapes to be stitched  for more Joseph's Coat blocks.
A couple more blocks to join the others.

And a piece of the scrummiest (a great word from my mum) fabric in the world.  Of course it's a Kaffe- rich colours and great textures.
I found it in my Joseph's Coat box, so now it's been cut up.  The colours in the flesh are much more intense, and the flower centres are lime green, but you get the idea.
I seem to have a problem now though!  I recently saw a picture of an old quilt C1800, that I've decided I love
and need to make.  I've started to draft the pattern at a reduced size, original is 3 m X 3.75 m!!  I love making large quilts, but that's too big even for me.  However, I seem to be at a loss for the time needed to get going on this.  Surely  someone  a quilter has invented a 28 hour day. LOL.