Monday, March 31, 2014

A Quirky Quilt.

A couple of months ago, I was perusing The Quilted Crow girls website.  Much to my enjoyment, they were offering a new BOM based on an antique quilt they'd purchased.
This quilt is quite "folk-arty", very chunky, and I found quite endearing to me.  I signed up with a little trepidation- this quilt is over 100" square, but I do like large quilts.  And I do love applique, so both boxes ticked.
Yesterday, I decided was time to cut into the background fabric.  I've never felt such trepidation at cutting fabric in my life!
Firstly, the borders-125" along the selvage of the fabric. Gosh, that was a scary cutting exersize.  Terrified I'd slip!

Thankfully, four borders cut and a tiny bit of left over.
A few hours later, and all the background is cut into various strips, squares and triangles.  And a little cutting of centre fabrics too.  Not nearly as stressful, though.  The pieces are much smaller.

Off to piece some centre strips now and get a move along with this gorgeous quilt.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Benjamin Biggs Block 3.

The next block for Benjamin Biggs has arrived.  Amazingly, I'm keeping up with the monthly stitching for these blocks.  Mind you, there isn't a lot of actual sewing so I have no excuses!
So, here's Block 2.

I printed out the pattern for Block 3, and traced it onto the back of my background fabric, very carefully reversing the corner buds.  Last month I also carefully reversed the buds but somehow still got them back to front!  Unfortunately I didn't realise until I'd basted them down.  Grrr.
How is it possible to be so careful this month, and still get them back to front?
Looks good doesn't it?  Unfortunately, this is the back, so it will be reversed when turned over the correct way. 
Moving on from my spatial disasters, now off to choose fabrics.  The best part.