Friday, February 15, 2013


A little bit of work lately on my Netherfield quilt.
I'm really enjoying this quilt by Katrina Hadjimichael.  The class last year in Wodonga was great, and Katrina's pattern is one of the best I've ever followed.

So, this is up to Border 7.  Think there are 14 in all.  The next border is a lovely applique vine with some hexagon flowers.
Most unfortunately, I will need to buy some fabric for the vine, nothing in my stash goes with the green in the border print I'm using, it's a strange blueish greenish colour.
I've found the perfect fabric, but I only have a small piece of it.  Thank goodness for the internet and fast postage as no shops near me have this range anymore.

The perfect fabric. It's actually a lot more green in the flesh.

Monday, February 11, 2013

More Abundance....

We've been experiencing a little more in the Abundant line around here the last few days.
It's February and that means tomato pasta sauce making time.
The last few years have seen us making around 3 cases of tomatoes into sauce- around 45 kgs of tomatoes.  However, I seem to have used a lot last year, so I had to re-stock my sauce reserve as well as enough for regular use.  It would never do around here to run out of tomato sauce for pasta.

And so, 90 kgs of tomatoes, and 85 jars later- here is our effort.
Nothing makes me happier than to see the jars of bottled summer all lined up.
I also made 6 kgs of tomatoes into good old Aussie  tomato sauce for the first time too.  I think I might need to make another couple of batches of that though-  12 bottles won't get us through the next 12 months!

Sunday, February 10, 2013


I've been sewing along with Lori of Humble Quilts as we sew a 12" small quilt she has called Abundance.  I've really fallen in love with piecing smaller quilts- they may actually get totally finished!
Here is my finished quilt

I may even start quilting it tomorrow.
The original little quilt is so faded and pretty looking.  I hope mine comes kind of close.
Lori has a Linky Party at her blog , please have a look at her lovely little quilts,  and the work of many others who have followed along.