Friday, February 15, 2013


A little bit of work lately on my Netherfield quilt.
I'm really enjoying this quilt by Katrina Hadjimichael.  The class last year in Wodonga was great, and Katrina's pattern is one of the best I've ever followed.

So, this is up to Border 7.  Think there are 14 in all.  The next border is a lovely applique vine with some hexagon flowers.
Most unfortunately, I will need to buy some fabric for the vine, nothing in my stash goes with the green in the border print I'm using, it's a strange blueish greenish colour.
I've found the perfect fabric, but I only have a small piece of it.  Thank goodness for the internet and fast postage as no shops near me have this range anymore.

The perfect fabric. It's actually a lot more green in the flesh.

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  1. Netherfield is looking absolutely stunning...thank goodness for the internet indeedy, crisis averted is always a good thing...hope the postie plays along and doesn't dawdle...