Monday, August 29, 2011

Well, this Medallion Quilt  has certainly got me working hard to get the next instructions.  Instead of collecting the pattern each week or  month , you actually have to finish each set of instructions to get the next lot. 
So, here's Part 2:
I'm liking how it looks so far.
Now to see what the next step holds.

Monday, August 22, 2011

I couldn't wait to finish the medallion centre.
Now just to wait for the next lot of instructions to come.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Friday Night Sew In

Goodness me, August has been flying by.  It was Friday Night Sew In again Friday night.
I was all ready for a good bit of stitching to be done. 
Recently I came across a Medallion of the month pattern being offered by Therese of Patchwork Pumpkin.  
Have a look at my good blogging friend Linda's beautiful start.
There are only 3 rules:    You cannot buy any fabric, you must use your stash.
                                           You can swap with your friends.
                                           Email a photo of your finished centre to get the instructions for the next part.
Well, that's easy enough.
 So, this is where I'm up to.....

It has finished at 12 1/2" square at the moment. 
I have yet to add the surrounding triangles to put this block on point.
A very successful night's sewing, I think.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I love it when...

the parcel post man rings my door bell, even if it is early!
This morning, my doorbell rang at 8 am, only one person rings it at that time.  I nearly ran to the door.
A lovely envelope filled with some wonderful fabrics was waiting for me.
 I couldn't wait to open it.
How beautifully packed, thankyou so much Z and S Fabrics for a little present for myself.
I carefully removed the bow, and found these...
Gorgeous or what?  Most of these are from the Washington's Legacy range by Windham, from several months ago.
I purchased these fabrics for a particular quilt, but I need to get a little further along with a couple of others first.  Does anyone else see a quilt, think "I need to make that", and then start buying fabrics?  Unfortunately, I know these will need to sit for a while.  However, If I don't buy them now, they won't be around when I do want them, will they?
Well, that's my justification, anyway!   LOL.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Well, last night I headed up the highway a bit to meet up with a group of girlfriends for our regular 6pm 'till midnight sewing night.
Unusually for me, I actually got some sewing done.
These cute little hexagon flowers  are for a border on a quilt that's taking it's time getting finished.  But, these things can't be rushed!  I need to make about 10 more flowers, then about 150 more hexagons.
A couple more Dear Jane blocks, started and finished last night as well.
I obviously didn't talk enough.  LOL. 
I took all my hexies in this sweet little basket that I received for Christmas from a fellow stitcher.  Just the right size.

 And, everything packed into my stitching "briefcase"!  Perfect.

Last but not least, here's another of my Blind Man's Puzzle blocks.  I know I've put the corner blocks in the wrong spot, but can I live with them?  Probably not, unfortunately, so a little unpicking is on my horizon.