Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I love it when...

the parcel post man rings my door bell, even if it is early!
This morning, my doorbell rang at 8 am, only one person rings it at that time.  I nearly ran to the door.
A lovely envelope filled with some wonderful fabrics was waiting for me.
 I couldn't wait to open it.
How beautifully packed, thankyou so much Z and S Fabrics for a little present for myself.
I carefully removed the bow, and found these...
Gorgeous or what?  Most of these are from the Washington's Legacy range by Windham, from several months ago.
I purchased these fabrics for a particular quilt, but I need to get a little further along with a couple of others first.  Does anyone else see a quilt, think "I need to make that", and then start buying fabrics?  Unfortunately, I know these will need to sit for a while.  However, If I don't buy them now, they won't be around when I do want them, will they?
Well, that's my justification, anyway!   LOL.

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  1. OMG! So gorgeous...of course you have to go through the fabric collection phase before you can start the point starting a quilt without the fabric on hand...well, that is my reasoning and it works for me :)