Monday, September 27, 2010

A little welcome home present for me.  Some yummy Westminster fabrics from Kaffe and friends.
I'm currently working on a Princess Feather quilt in these types of fabrics- so out of my comfort zone.
But so satisfying to use.  In real life these colours are so much more rich and the designs are lovely.
I've ordered some more that hopefully will be here in about a week, and a very colourful Kim McLean pattern to go with them.  In the meantime, more stitching on the Princess Feather.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Whilst eldest DD was away on a school trip, we decided to take youngest DD to a much warmer northern clime for our own holiday.  Well, in theory it was supposed to be that way!  We travelled by lovely little 737 Qantas jet to Queensland for a week r and r.  Apparently the weather Gods didn't realise we were coming so forgot to turn on the sun.  Although lovely and warm, it was overcast each day , and a fair amount of rain was forthcoming as well. 
It wasn't all bad.  I managed to fit in a fair amount of stitching whilst DD was swimming in the pool each day.  Sunny weather or no, nothing keeps DD out of a pool.
So, whilst she was being a fish,  I was enjoying myself too.
My view for the week. 
Of course, some stitching did occur, but strangely enough not as much as I'd anticipated.  The daily morning walk for a good latte took a while, and window shopping must be done.
I'm holding these visions in my head at the moment as we returned to a dead fridge full of warm food, and a distinctly terminal dishwasher.  DH tried valiantly to revive both appliances to no avail, so first thing this morning we were at the shops to purchase new ones.  It's hard to live out of an Esky at home!  LOL.  No room for much.  Thank goodness new things coming tomorrow.  My kitchen looks like a bomb site- holes where new things will live , and bits everywhere as cupboards are emptied to be made larger to fit .

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Another finish.

Well. I've obviously caught the finishing bug.  I began a bag with Natalie Ross of  In Stitches  ., at Inspired Stitches Retreat in Adelaide earlier this year.  Well, it's been languishing since then.  I had started the centre panel but couldn't get motivated to finish the actual bag.  That is, until I saw GF Ms A's finished bag and decided I needed to finish mine.  So half a day later, bag is finished.  Too easy.
My first bucket bag!  And my second bag.

Friday, September 10, 2010

I looked at a pile of finished blocks on my work area yesterday and decided it was the day to actually finish the quilt and get them out of the sewing room.  They must have been sitting there, taking up valuable working space for at least 3 months.  Shame on me.
Anyway, half an hour later, and the top is together.
Gosh, the green shows up in this photo.  It's actually much more deep red and gold in real life.  There is supposed to be a 4" ish pieced border around this, but I think if I wait to put it on this quilt will never be finished, so poetic (quiltic???) licence and I'm calling this top finished.  This is Carolina Christmas from about November last year, the last mystery quilt from Bonnie K  Hunter of Quiltville.
Just a little of the Joseph's coat quilt peaking out from behind,  I'm getting a wriggle on with that too.  I've spent nearly every evening of the last week prepping the little wedge shapes for the blocks.
I hope I've prepped almost enough to finish the 49 blocks now.
Excuse the background blocks up on my design board, two other projects that I'm slowly working my way through.  I'm trying to grade my Josephs Coat blocks through the quilt to move the light and dark around.  I think it's kind of working.
It's certainly spring around here.  Our budgies are sitting on eggs, the canaries are friendly and the axolotyls are looking fatter than usual.  Oh my.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Once again I treked up the Highway to Gisborne for my dear Jane get together.  Five brave souls this week.  One lady is powering ahead and put me to shame.  She had five rows pieced and sashed together.   I was a dismal failure this time, no DJ stitching at all for ages, same block waiting for some sewing that I had left last session.  Of course there has been sewing happening- I still have my callouses- just no DJ sewing.
So, look here, a bag completely finished.  Completely you understand, as in nothing left to sew.  Unheard of in my sewing room!  I'm so pleased with the bag and myself.  Only started it yesterday.  I needed to source some bias binding to bind the edge of the front flap, which I did today.  So, first bag I've ever finished.  Complete with magnetic closure, and fabulous silver ring thingys to attach strap to bag. 
Oh, and it's even lined and has pockets.  Can you feel how impressed with myself I am?  LOL.