Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Once again I treked up the Highway to Gisborne for my dear Jane get together.  Five brave souls this week.  One lady is powering ahead and put me to shame.  She had five rows pieced and sashed together.   I was a dismal failure this time, no DJ stitching at all for ages, same block waiting for some sewing that I had left last session.  Of course there has been sewing happening- I still have my callouses- just no DJ sewing.
So, look here, a bag completely finished.  Completely you understand, as in nothing left to sew.  Unheard of in my sewing room!  I'm so pleased with the bag and myself.  Only started it yesterday.  I needed to source some bias binding to bind the edge of the front flap, which I did today.  So, first bag I've ever finished.  Complete with magnetic closure, and fabulous silver ring thingys to attach strap to bag. 
Oh, and it's even lined and has pockets.  Can you feel how impressed with myself I am?  LOL.


  1. Are you OK? Do you need a cup of tea, a bex and a good lie down? Buy pattern, start project and finish project all in one week - not even a week!...taking over achieving to a new level...
    Love it...fabulous fabrics...

  2. The bag is adorable. I REALLY like the colors and fabrics you used. Good for you for finishing it!!!