Thursday, September 23, 2010

Whilst eldest DD was away on a school trip, we decided to take youngest DD to a much warmer northern clime for our own holiday.  Well, in theory it was supposed to be that way!  We travelled by lovely little 737 Qantas jet to Queensland for a week r and r.  Apparently the weather Gods didn't realise we were coming so forgot to turn on the sun.  Although lovely and warm, it was overcast each day , and a fair amount of rain was forthcoming as well. 
It wasn't all bad.  I managed to fit in a fair amount of stitching whilst DD was swimming in the pool each day.  Sunny weather or no, nothing keeps DD out of a pool.
So, whilst she was being a fish,  I was enjoying myself too.
My view for the week. 
Of course, some stitching did occur, but strangely enough not as much as I'd anticipated.  The daily morning walk for a good latte took a while, and window shopping must be done.
I'm holding these visions in my head at the moment as we returned to a dead fridge full of warm food, and a distinctly terminal dishwasher.  DH tried valiantly to revive both appliances to no avail, so first thing this morning we were at the shops to purchase new ones.  It's hard to live out of an Esky at home!  LOL.  No room for much.  Thank goodness new things coming tomorrow.  My kitchen looks like a bomb site- holes where new things will live , and bits everywhere as cupboards are emptied to be made larger to fit .

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