Monday, October 25, 2010

Just a little something...

Isn't this pincushion the cutest little thing?

It's called a Biscornu,  made with just 2 squares of fabric, 2 buttons,  and some stuffing.
I've added  a button for the lovely blog of  Glorious Applique in the side bar.  The blog is showcasing the wonderfully colourful efforts of many stitchers as we applique our way through some of Kim McLean's patterns stitched with our favourite Kaffe Fassett fabrics.
Please go have a look.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Well, this week has been special.  Went on a weekend away with some GFs to Ballarat.  I usually take my machine and sew away all weekend to get a project finished.  This time, I took all handwork bits and pieces to do.  So I stitched a little on my Dear Jane, sewed together the next lot of blocks for my Josephs Coat  quilt from Don't Look Now, and stitched some stems down for a border of my Princess Feather quilt.
This was a job to be done in good company with lots of talking and tea drinking, otherwise it all gets a bit tedious sewing on miles of stems.  I've finished one block but I wanted to have a go at one of the borders rather than start another block.  I think it looks like a very skinny lizard with lots of legs and feet.  And now I can see where the missing bit of stem belongs. 

My birthday presents to me.  I found some lovely fabrics which needed to come home with me.  The two books also wanted to come.  I love buying new books.  The Omiyage book by Kumiko Sudo has some lovely little bits and pieces to make with scraps of silk or fine cotton.  DD2 has already put in her order for time together to make some.

This lovely huge box was waiting for me.  A week ago I ordered a pattern and fabric from Glorious Applique.  I'd been looking at them for quite a while and was waiting for the Aussie dollar to rise in value.

This is another pattern by Kim McLean.  I've been resisting thinking about it for so very long, but I finally weakened last week.  I purchased  the pattern, 28 yards of fabric and 10 yards of background!  It only just fit in the large box.  Thank goodness.

Isn't the background wonderful?  I haven't spread out the fabric individually yet, but I have unwrapped it and fondled each piece.  The  fabric ribbon around the bundle is the stem fabric- should look fantastic in the blocks.

Monday, October 11, 2010

I've finally finished a block that I've been working on for ages.  I kept losing momentum on it, or getting sidetracked onto something else.  Anyway I certainly feel like I've achieved something- the block is 32" square.
This is one block from a Princess Feather pattern by Kim McLean.  Three more blocks for the centre and then a gorgeous appliqued border around it all.  The innies and outies for each of the feathers took ages.
On to the next one.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Besides bagel making, I was on a mission to complete an Artist trading card for a swap I am involved in.
I particularly like using  my own hand-dyed fabrics for a one of a kind look.  I felt like adding a bit of glitz, so discharged the background with an Indian wood block stamp of a flower in a pot.  Interestingly, the green fabric discharged back to yellow not the original white fabric.
Then a little bit of foiling to add some shine  and interest.      
A couple of embellishments, and some free motion quilting to look like vines and it was finished.  Darn, just realised that I didn't get a pic of the finished card before it went in the post.
I so like discharging and foiling to embellish a small art quiltlet.  Perhaps next time some Shiva Sticks for added colour.
Just a quick pic of what I've been up to in a non-sewing way today.
They're a bit of a strange lumpy shape, but they're bagels!  The book says to eat them warm, so I have been.  To the tune of eating 2 1/2, and yes they taste very nice with a spread of butter.  So pleased with myself.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Well, look what flew into my sewing area last night.

Youngest DD attended a kids sewing class at Patchwork House  in Hawthorn yesterday afternoon.  She certainly came home inspired to make more.  "Wonky" the yellow owl came home completely finished after a 2 hour class.  Well, Wonky was soon joined by Sebastion, Violet and Hoot.  Sadie and Marnie are on the construction table.  Such a good class for kids holiday project.   I have to say that I was made to feel extremely welcome by the ladies at Patchwork House too.  I'd taken my Dear Jane blocks to work on in the car whilst waiting, but they offered me a comfy seat in an upstairs area to stitch away the time.  Complete with tea and music.  Very nice.