Friday, October 1, 2010

Well, look what flew into my sewing area last night.

Youngest DD attended a kids sewing class at Patchwork House  in Hawthorn yesterday afternoon.  She certainly came home inspired to make more.  "Wonky" the yellow owl came home completely finished after a 2 hour class.  Well, Wonky was soon joined by Sebastion, Violet and Hoot.  Sadie and Marnie are on the construction table.  Such a good class for kids holiday project.   I have to say that I was made to feel extremely welcome by the ladies at Patchwork House too.  I'd taken my Dear Jane blocks to work on in the car whilst waiting, but they offered me a comfy seat in an upstairs area to stitch away the time.  Complete with tea and music.  Very nice.


  1. What a cute little Owl family...well done...

  2. I've always found them to be lovely there also. Adorable owls!