Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Besides bagel making, I was on a mission to complete an Artist trading card for a swap I am involved in.
I particularly like using  my own hand-dyed fabrics for a one of a kind look.  I felt like adding a bit of glitz, so discharged the background with an Indian wood block stamp of a flower in a pot.  Interestingly, the green fabric discharged back to yellow not the original white fabric.
Then a little bit of foiling to add some shine  and interest.      
A couple of embellishments, and some free motion quilting to look like vines and it was finished.  Darn, just realised that I didn't get a pic of the finished card before it went in the post.
I so like discharging and foiling to embellish a small art quiltlet.  Perhaps next time some Shiva Sticks for added colour.

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