Saturday, November 19, 2011

Last night was Friday Night Sew In night.  I had absolutely no idea what to sit and stitch this month.  I have a few projects that I could have worked on, but wasn't feeling very motivated to continue with them.
Luckily!, I had a project waiting in the wings.  At the beginning of the year, I purchased the first Vignette magazine.  I fell in love with the mystery quilt contained inside, and purchased the fabrics and threads.  I knew I wouldn't get to it for ages.

 So, from this lovely group of fabrics....
I cut and sewed all evening...

and ended up with these...
Fourteen sweet little Churn-dash blocks.
This is just the start, there's a lot of embroidery on linen in the borders of this quilt.  That's the next job!
Oh, and of course, Bonnie K. Hunter's new mystery - Orca Bay- just started last night too. 
I have fabrics kind of chosen, but I think I'll leave the first step until I go to my regular sewing night next Friday.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

I had very high hopes of getting a lot of sewing done this week.  Unfortunately (for my sewing projects), I've been reading instead.  Last night I finally got some of my Sew-jo back and finished stitching down the hexagons that I stuck down about a week ago.
And now that they're all sewn down, I see that my curves aren't all equal.  Oh well, not unpicking them for anything!
Off to stick down some more shapes.  Or as my woodworking DH says- off to do a "glue-up".

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Some progress and almost a disaster...

Well, some progress is being made on my Anna quilt.  Lots of little hexagons in the border to stitch around.  It's quite an easy border really, just lots of sewing.
I almost had a disaster of the quilting kind whilst placing the hexagons where I wanted them.  Wiped down the kitchen bench to spread the quilt out on, and when I started placing the shapes an ominous stain appeared through the fabric.  With my heart in my throat, I turned the quilt over to find a large spot of the very lovely chickpea curry from tea now on my border.
I can't describe the feelings, I ran through options of washing the top, or just sponging it a little, as I turned it back to the right side.
As I looked I realised that a well place hexagon would cover up the stain very well.  Big smiles all around then.  So, crisis averted, thank goodness.
Perhaps next time, I'll hose down the bench before I start!  LOL.
All's well that ends well.