Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Some progress and almost a disaster...

Well, some progress is being made on my Anna quilt.  Lots of little hexagons in the border to stitch around.  It's quite an easy border really, just lots of sewing.
I almost had a disaster of the quilting kind whilst placing the hexagons where I wanted them.  Wiped down the kitchen bench to spread the quilt out on, and when I started placing the shapes an ominous stain appeared through the fabric.  With my heart in my throat, I turned the quilt over to find a large spot of the very lovely chickpea curry from tea now on my border.
I can't describe the feelings, I ran through options of washing the top, or just sponging it a little, as I turned it back to the right side.
As I looked I realised that a well place hexagon would cover up the stain very well.  Big smiles all around then.  So, crisis averted, thank goodness.
Perhaps next time, I'll hose down the bench before I start!  LOL.
All's well that ends well.


  1. My heart stopped there for a minute!...whew, gotta love a well placed hexie...it is looking so fantastic...so, will it be quilted and bound in time for summer school? you'll have to sit on the over achievers table!! *LOL*

  2. What a good escape! I always say that sometimes a "disaster" can make a quilt better. Glad to know your disaster worked out, and now you have a fantastic story to go with the quilt. IE: "Guess which hexagon has chickpea curry tea under it!" Anna is so, so pretty. Obviously, you've put lots of hours of work into her. Beautiful.