Sunday, June 12, 2011

And it's done...

WOW, do I feel good.
Finally finished getting the top together for my Roll Roll Cotton Boll quilt by Bonnie Hunter. This was a mystery quilt started in about November last year, so finishing within 12 months isn't bad in my book.
Think I'll have to suffer defeat on the quilting front though.  It's one big quilt.  Just looking at it brings sweat to my brow with the thought of fitting it under my sewing machine.  Never happening.

I seriously love that pieced border.
Most of the quilt came from my resource library- otherwise known as my stash.  I only had to buy the green for the resting border and the red for the 17 trillion half square triangles and centre squares.  I just didn't have enough in one piece of either of them in my stash.
Feeling good about now!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Well, it's been a big couple of weeks since my last post.
How lucky was I to win a bag from Lynette Anderson ?  I rarely win anything, so to receive a bag from Lynette was very exciting indeed.

How cute is that?
My Bonnie Hunter Quilt Roll Roll Cotton Boll, is coming along nicely.  I've attached the inner, spacer border and then the first of the outer pieced borders.
This is a large quilt, and I've already had to add 2 small pieced units to this short side to make it fit.  Hate to think just how big it's going to turn out.  I do love big quilts though!  I thought of trimming the green spacer border, but i like it wide enough to see.  So we'll see how it goes.
My kitchen is finally installed.  Just need to find time to go shopping with DH for tiles for the splashback.
I've just started putting things in their new home- it's harder than I thought.  And since I'm quite tall (5 ft  2 in  if I really stretch!), my DH gets some space in the upper regions that I will no way reach!  LOL.
Well, that's half the kitchen anyway.
I'm very excited, no mission brown anywhere.