Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lovely Mail.

When the mail arrived yesterday, a lovely gift came with it.  I received my Dotee Doll swap.  I was excited to open the envelope to see my swap partner had interpreted her Dotee Doll for me. 
I was not disappointed at all, the little Doll is wonderful.  Makes me want to go in more Dotee Doll swaps.

Aren't people wonderful to put so much effort into a swap for someone else?
Well, it's going to be about 36C here today, curtains are drawn, air con on, perfect sewing weather.  I'm trying to finish ( who am I trying to kid, get a decent start at really!!) the quilt I started at Summer School with Patchwork on Stonleigh last year.  Given that I am going again this January, I feel that a bit of effort is required.

I'm nearly finished the centre, then need to do the corner blocks so I can add the 1st border.  I so love a sawtooth border.  This is the first one I have pieced- I usually applique them on.  A deal of persuasive pressing was needed to get the "teeth" to sit right. Then, of course, there are a few more borders to sew.  I'll show you as they are finished.
First some lunch, then some sewing.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hello to everyone.  I feel like I'm coming out of the Christmas coma now and am ready to relax and just do some sewing!
We had a lovely Christmas, once DH came home from work at about 2 pm and we quickly de-camped to my DF's boat for Christmas tea.
I must congratulate DD1 and DD2 for their extreme patience for not a present was opened until 5 pm when we were unpacked and finally had a cold glass in our hands.

The most gorgeous view from the front of the boat, beautiful weather and great company.
I spent a lot of time doing this:

A little stitching was done, of course, but more about that later.  Lets just say that I prepped a lot to do, but only actually sewed a small amount!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Todays effort...

Well,  I have a very good friend who used to be into scrapbooking.  It was something that I swore I would NEVER get involved in.  Well in the purest sense I haven't, but I do make and swap ATC's. (artist trading cards).  These little gems are 2 1/2 " by 3 1/2", and in my case are quilt based.  So, there are basically 3 layers just like a quilt. 
However, today I went on a mission to Spotlight to see what they had for my Christmas ATC's.  I found some fabulous stuff in the scrapbooking section.  Who wooda thunk it???
Here's some of my booty.

Off to the side there are some of my Christmas Atc's awaiting embellishment.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dotee doll swap.

I was involved in a Dotee Doll swap this week through Southern Cross Quilters Artist Trading Cards swap group.  (scqatc).
A Dotee Doll should be betwee 3" and 4" long, and have a hanging loop and a tail.  Other than that, the decoration is pretty much up to you and any swap requirements.  This was a Christmas swap, so red, green and gold were the order of the day.
I've posted off my doll, and am anxiously awaiting my swap doll in return.

Well, my first post.....

Welcome to my first post.
I'm out of my comfort zone here, but what the heck I'll give it a go.
I hope to post my many projects under construction, and maybe a bit about what's going on around here as well.
Thanks for reading.