Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lovely Mail.

When the mail arrived yesterday, a lovely gift came with it.  I received my Dotee Doll swap.  I was excited to open the envelope to see my swap partner had interpreted her Dotee Doll for me. 
I was not disappointed at all, the little Doll is wonderful.  Makes me want to go in more Dotee Doll swaps.

Aren't people wonderful to put so much effort into a swap for someone else?
Well, it's going to be about 36C here today, curtains are drawn, air con on, perfect sewing weather.  I'm trying to finish ( who am I trying to kid, get a decent start at really!!) the quilt I started at Summer School with Patchwork on Stonleigh last year.  Given that I am going again this January, I feel that a bit of effort is required.

I'm nearly finished the centre, then need to do the corner blocks so I can add the 1st border.  I so love a sawtooth border.  This is the first one I have pieced- I usually applique them on.  A deal of persuasive pressing was needed to get the "teeth" to sit right. Then, of course, there are a few more borders to sew.  I'll show you as they are finished.
First some lunch, then some sewing.


  1. I love your angel dotee doll. She has such a sweet expression on her face.

  2. What a beautiful addition to your Christmas Tree she is. OK, you've shamed into maybe, well considering, the pulling out of last year's Summer School quilt and putting in a stitch or two before this year's event. Yours is looking good. Happy New Year!!

  3. Your dotty doll looks great, and so does the quilt! I so badly wish that I could create pieces of art just like it!

  4. is this an original pattern? it's beautiful!

  5. Hi Amelia,
    yes this is part of an original pattern by Karen Cunningham from Sydney.