Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year.

Oh no.  2nd of January already and no Happy New Year from me to you.  Where is the time going?  I know I'm working some days, but that's no excuse for no acknowledgment.  OK over it now.
I'm checking out Punch with Judy 's site everyday over January for their Birthday celebration specials.  Go on over, you never know what you'll find out you need if you don't!  Every day a different special.
Have you also noticed the new button in the sidebar?  I'm trying for 10 projects finished in 2010.  Mind you finished can be a very fluid term.  I found this challenge over at Flourishing Palms, Linda's lovely blog.  It won't be hard for me to find 10 projects, finishing is another thing entirely.
Will get the camera out tomorrow for some pics of project candidates.


  1. Whishing you the best of luck in finishing your ten projects this year!!
    Best whishes for 2010!

  2. Thank you, Kerry, for deciding... err, resolving... to join me in the Ten in '10 resolution! I'll be following your blog, cheering on your progress. Best wishes!

  3. What an ambitious goal you have set for yourself. Good luck getting all of those quilts finished.