Monday, January 4, 2010

Two to start with.

Ok, first UFO to finish will be my applique Whig Rose.
Well, I stood looking at the tub which my 2nd oldest UFO lives in for quite some time.  After all, it is about 9 feet off the ground.  (I live in metric, but some things are just imperial.  Like the ceiling heights in my house, and all quilting measurements. LOL)
Finally I got the courage and the ladder to get the tub down and look at a quilt I started in february 2002!!!
It's a Whig Rose block,  repeated 4 times.  I took a class back then more for company than the need for the pattern.  Unfortunately, the class ended with the 4 central blocks.  The borders were "whatever you want".  I think most people put 4 plain borders around and it was finished.  I really wanted to applique a vine.  Applique is no problem, but designing my own pattern is.  So, it has sat in the box for 8 years, brought out a couple of times as the mood struck to work on the borders.  I've kind of designed them with help from      Elly Sienkiewicz and her applique books.  This is where I'm at currently.  I have 4 borders at the same stage, but only photographed 2.

And my centre.
The second project is a quilt I made just last year for my DD1.  A little busy for me, but she likes it.

This quilt just needs the quilting done to finish it.
So, that's 2 projects to keep me out of trouble.  And they're only a start, as they say in the classics, " there's lots more where they came from."


  1. I love your Whig Rose! What a beauty! She deserves to be finished with your lovely designed borders!.
    And what a cute quilt for het DD1. I don't think it's too busy..... (well, I like a quilt being a bit busy.... ;0)) ..)
    Greets from Holland.

  2. They both look fantastic, I have been piecing lately and must get back to some applique


  3. I too am working on appliqued borders for a quilt! This is the first time I've attempted hand-appliqued borders and the going is slow. I'm finishing one border before starting on the next, but perhaps I should do it as you are. This is a UFO on my Ten in '10 list, so I'll be working on it soon.