Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Last pieced border for Netherfield.

Netherfield just keeps on happening.  I've sewn 12 hexagon shapes of the 56 needed for the final pieced border.  I've prepped the hexagons and put them into a box to take with me for found stitching time.  Amazing how much you can get done.  I was sitting, waiting, for an hour yesterday whilst youngest DD had her braces put on.  Sewed 9 hexies into a diamond shape and started on the next group of 9.

I'll be very glad to get this border finished, I've got other projects crowding me at the moment.
Love Entwined (a new 18 month free Block of the Month) offered by Esther Aliu is finally being released on Friday.  To say I've been waiting with mounting excitement is an understatement.
If you enjoy applique, please stop by Esther's blog and take a look.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer Block of the Week.

Some gorgeous bits and pieces in the post this week.
I've subscribed to a Summer Block of the Week through Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop.  A delicious blend of wool applique on cotton backgrounds.  Up until now, I've never enjoyed blanket stitch applique of cotton on cotton.  However, the blanket stitching of wool onto cotton- what's not to love!  So easy, and so pretty.
The texture of the wool just makes you want to touch it.

 I live the little bird in there.
As a little gift, there is also a small block in the package each week.

So sweet.
Goodness, I think I really need to press these blocks before I take photos! LOL.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

My little quilt from the lovely ladies at The Quilted Crow in Hobart is finished.  Well, the top anyway.

So quick and easy to put together. 
Now, how to quilt it???

Saturday, June 15, 2013

I'm still busily working on the Star quilt, but a little variety is good isn't it?
Look at what came in the mail yesterday.

A lovely surprise parcel.

A little quilt a month will be coming this way from the lovely ladies at The Quilted Crow in Tasmania.

Oooh, gorgeous fabrics.  That fantastic green stripe is a Jo Morton print that I have several pieces of in the cupboard.  Too gorgeous, and it's for the back!!!  That really threw me, what to do?  Use it or save it?  I've decided to use it, the back will be just as lovely as the front.

All cut up and to the machine we go.

Some other little bits just to fill the package out.  How nice.
Off to sew some more, now!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A week on.

Well, a lot can happen in a week.
A fear that's been hanging around, preventing you from finishing something can finally leave.
I talked very sternly to myself and finally was able to get moving on that block.

The colour isn't very good,  but look at what I made!
I'm very happy to have this block come together.  It was very easy to piece the circles together, even though I was terrified of making a mistake.  It did take ages to sew though!
On to the next one.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Paralysed by the Pattern.

Have you ever been sewing quilt pieces together , when all of a sudden, you're unable to go further for fear of ruining the block?
I've been at this stage with a particular block for nearly 12 months.  I don't understand why, but I am.
I've been trying to finish a few quilts that don't need much, and have been sitting up one end of my sewing table, waiting.  Mostly little doll sized quilts.
However, I have a large quilt that I love, but I just can't seem to move on it.

I'm making "California Star" by  Michelle Yeo.  The four large circles are paper pieced in 3 circle sections using Michelle's freezer paper method.  Unlike normal paper foundation piecing, I quite like her method.  However, now I'm left with 3 circles and I'm terrified to sew them together in case I muck them up!

The centre is fairly easy! LOL.

However, these rings really worry me.
Wish me luck as I attempt to sew these together with much trepidation.