Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Last pieced border for Netherfield.

Netherfield just keeps on happening.  I've sewn 12 hexagon shapes of the 56 needed for the final pieced border.  I've prepped the hexagons and put them into a box to take with me for found stitching time.  Amazing how much you can get done.  I was sitting, waiting, for an hour yesterday whilst youngest DD had her braces put on.  Sewed 9 hexies into a diamond shape and started on the next group of 9.

I'll be very glad to get this border finished, I've got other projects crowding me at the moment.
Love Entwined (a new 18 month free Block of the Month) offered by Esther Aliu is finally being released on Friday.  To say I've been waiting with mounting excitement is an understatement.
If you enjoy applique, please stop by Esther's blog and take a look.


  1. Love love those tiny wee hexagons it will be worth every one when the quilt is finished it will be a stunner. Cheers glenda