Friday, September 10, 2010

I looked at a pile of finished blocks on my work area yesterday and decided it was the day to actually finish the quilt and get them out of the sewing room.  They must have been sitting there, taking up valuable working space for at least 3 months.  Shame on me.
Anyway, half an hour later, and the top is together.
Gosh, the green shows up in this photo.  It's actually much more deep red and gold in real life.  There is supposed to be a 4" ish pieced border around this, but I think if I wait to put it on this quilt will never be finished, so poetic (quiltic???) licence and I'm calling this top finished.  This is Carolina Christmas from about November last year, the last mystery quilt from Bonnie K  Hunter of Quiltville.
Just a little of the Joseph's coat quilt peaking out from behind,  I'm getting a wriggle on with that too.  I've spent nearly every evening of the last week prepping the little wedge shapes for the blocks.
I hope I've prepped almost enough to finish the 49 blocks now.
Excuse the background blocks up on my design board, two other projects that I'm slowly working my way through.  I'm trying to grade my Josephs Coat blocks through the quilt to move the light and dark around.  I think it's kind of working.
It's certainly spring around here.  Our budgies are sitting on eggs, the canaries are friendly and the axolotyls are looking fatter than usual.  Oh my.


  1. You have been a busy little you have Spring Fever?...Carolina Christmas looks just fine as is, I'd be calling it finished too...if I ever get around to actually starting mine! Tasty box of wedges you have there...looking like another finish in the near future...

  2. Beautiful stuff! Your Joseph's Coat is progressing famously, and the light and dark changes add much dimension. I'm certainly admiring your dedication to this piece which is inspiring. Maybe I'll be motivated soon?

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