Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I'm not a bag maker, but the pattern "Out and About" by Melly and Me Designs that I purchased at Ballarat Patchwork on the weekend, looked great.  Soooo, yesterday I went looking for the fusible fleece and iron on pellon , and started making it up.
The pattern was extremely easy to follow, and made up really well.
I just need to finish off the top- join the bag flap to the bag and add the shoulder strap.  Can't wait to finish and take it out.

Swimming lesson sewing this week had a lot of diamonds being basted for paper piecing into 6 point stars.  I love sitting at swimming lessons now, so much hand sewing can be accomplished in 1 hour of sitting waiting.  I am lucky that our swimming club has a great waiting area, and a lovely coffee machine.
I just love the pumpkin colour at the bottom of the picture, only lotsssss more shapes to baste.  Thank goodness swimming lessons are on going and will be for a long time!  LOL.

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  1. Ah hem...over achieving there a bit?...he he he
    Most impressed with speed of use of new pattern...and liking the fussy cutting of the cute fabric to make a bit of a "picture"...very nice.
    Ah yes, diamonds, must get back to that..read, order the shapes!...nice fabrics...I wonder if the pool would accept a kelpie for lessons so I can get shape basting done? Probably not *LOL*.