Friday, August 20, 2010

A lot of sewing time happening this week, but I don't feel like I have much to show for it.
I've spent quite a bit of time on my Princess Feather block, but goodness me, the ins and outs of the feather shape take ages to do. 
What was I thinking taking this on?  There are 3 more blocks after this one, each about 30" square.  But, really, I'm sure it will look really good when it's finished- there's a lovely applique border around the whole lot.
The lovely piece of red fabric from Somerset Patchwork and Quilting arrived.  Ohhh, just as nice as I'd remembered.  Still don't know what to use it for, but so gorgeous.
Have also been working on what feels like the largest pin cushion in the universe.
It's got a "hollow" centre to put your thread, scissors, etc into.
I'm going to make another one, but downsize it by about a third I think.

Stuffing the outer was a bit of a challenge, thank goodness for small handed DK's.  I'm still making pincushions to leave around the house in strategic spots.  You can never have too many pincushions.
The weather has been really cold and bleak for the last few days, perfect for stitching inside and not feeling guilty about leaving the garden to its own devices for a while.
I know Spring is on the way, though.  My plum trees have burst out in blossom all of a sudden.
I love the look of this time of year- the sudden burst of green leaves and swelling flower buds.  Nature waking up after the winter.


  1. Your Princess Feather is lovely, but I appreciate the struggles and time with all the "ins and outs" as you so aptly explained it. Thank you for giving me pause to reconsider whether I really want to make that pattern someday. I think it will be near the bottom of a very long list as I must add that my Joseph's Coat blocks are going no place - fast!

    Your pin cushion made me giggle... I'm sorry. It just sorta looks like a deep ash tray. One third smaller will make it perfect, I'm sure!

  2. Right...that's it...I'm definitely NOT doing the Princess Feather if I was anyway *LOL* will look stunning when it's done, just keep your eye on the prize.
    No wonder you had to ring and order that fabric...Gorgeous!!
    So the pincushion as it stands is also bit enough to use as a bit of a thread catcher? Cool idea to have a storage space in the centre...rather than searching for the scissors between the couch cushions :)
    You've certainly achieved more than me this week...don't think I've even held a needle...big pout :(

  3. Love your feathers!! And the fabric is SO pretty!
    Enjoy your day!

  4. I thought I saw a sneak of Princess Feathers next to those gorgeous JC blocks in your last post. You go, it's worth it and it looks great.
    You'll get good at those innies and outies as I call them. Great job on the pincushion, it is a challenging one but looks so great. Have you joined Glorious Applique yet?

  5. Your Princess Feathers block is looking fabulous!!! Such great colors and fabrics. ; ) It is worth every stitch. Enjoy your process and the journey!