Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Time has got away from me once again.  A lot of time spent perusing fabric, and little time spent actually sewing.  I finally chose some fabric to make a start on the second block of the African American quilt.

There's a lot more to go around these pieces once they're stitched down.

I've also been working on this new Block of the Month- "Robyn's Nest" designed by Karin at Somerset Patchwork.
I just need to applique a little shape in the centre and that's the first month done.  Might even have it done before the next pattern turns up.  Although this centre isn't that big, it's taken me ages to piece and then stitch together.

Still no closer on the colour of the next border on this little quilt, a medium dark blue, a darkish green?
Possibly a deepish red?
Decisions, decisions.  Pleasant decisions though.


  1. Ooooh I'm loving all the stars...have fun auditioning fabrics for those borders...

  2. You make the coolest darned stuff! I detect you have a thing for stars. Glad for you to be sewing. I miss my sewing machine SO much! Hope to have it to sew on starting the week of June 25... which seems sooo far away.