Thursday, December 1, 2011

The school year is coming to an end soon, so I've been preparing some hand work tor those times sitting waiting to pick-up kids from friends houses, from the pool, etc.
Since I finally succumbed to the Vignette mystery, I've been tracing out the stitchery border patterns.  Hours of waiting time there!

I'm trying out Leanne Beasley's tip of tracing the design with a fine Pigma pen.  I usually use a Pacer pencil, but I often have trouble seeing my lines, and the lead "grabs" at the fabric.  The Pigma was very easy to draw with, gliding over the linen fabric.  Because it's so fine, the embroidery should cover it nicely.

 This is the current disaster on my sewing table.  Not a bad disaster, just a big mess as I cut and piece 1/4 square triangles into cute little hourglass blocks.  These little beauties are 2 1/2" square at the moment.

These little blocks are step 1 in Bonnie K Hunter's new mystery "Orca Bay".

The icing on the cake this week was winning a giveaway on Lurline's blog  Lurline's Place.  How gorgeous are those fabrics?  I've love Aneela Hoey's fabrics for ages, so the layer cake of Sherbet Pips is wonderful.  The charm pack of Meadow Friends is bright and cheery, and a fabulous Melanie Hurlston pattern was also included.  Then there were the little bonus extras.  Sooo happy.  I'm a real sucker for a luscious hand made cake of soap!
Ideas for the fabric are already swirling around my head!
Happy Days.


  1. Kerry, you are something! Your stitchery project will be wonderful. I love those kind that are so transportable. And you're taking on Bonnie's new mystery... wow. You and I know her mystery projects aren't easy to accomplish, but your hourglasses are as sweet as can be. Congratulations on your giveaway win. I think Sherbet Pips are cute too but I'm not lucky to have some in my stash. On all your great projects... you go girl!

  2. Well haven't you been a busy bee...brave you are tracing with pigma, much easier to see but I don't beacuse I can't be trusted not to make an oops that can't be undone. Lucky you winning (again!)...what a wonderful parcel of goodies...