Sunday, December 18, 2011

Back home again after 9 days away with my family on our Christmas holiday.
We had 2 nights on a farm stay ably hosted by Sally the sheepdog.
A couple of riding lessons went down very well.

Apparently I'm the best mum in the world at the moment!
All I can say is 2 1/2 hours of riding for them equals 2 1/2 hours of stitching in piece and quiet for me! LOL.
The scene of much sewing.  A truly lovely way to spend a few days.
I can wholeheartedly recommend a family getaway at Grelco Run in the Grampians.
Even better, I have something good to show for all my work whilst away-
Somewhere along the way, I've lost a couple of hexagons to finish that lower corner.  Not to worry, on to them next.

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  1.'s a finished quilt top (I'm ignoring the few missing hexies they are so minor in the scheme of things) the same year as it was started...I am Very Impressed...and it looks Fantastic...