Monday, December 26, 2011

Stitching over Christmas....

is a lovely way to spend some quiet time.
I'm moving between projects as my heart desires at the moment.  I've been stitching on the Vignette mystery quilt blocks for a couple of days.
Here's Block #2.
I skipped over Block #1 in the embroidery stakes, and moved onto this block.
Chain stitching my heart out whilst watching "Midsommer Murders".
I'm having trouble maintaining the "flow" of steps with Bonnie's mystery this year.  She has posted step 5, but I'm still on Step 1, maybe has something to do with needing millions of tiny triangles sewn together!
Little by little though......

Whilst I had some spare time yesterday in a very quiet house, I started cutting the foundation papers for the next couple of steps. 
3 1/2" and 5 1/2 " squares to be string pieced.  Can't wait to stitch those, I love little string blocks.


  1. Good for you to be skipping from one project to another, as your heart desires. It's more fun that way, isn't it? Seeing your Bonnie Hunter "Orca Bay" progress is making me REALLY glad I didn't do it. A.d I'm determined to finish RRCB (2010) quilt in the next month! Thank goodness, I'm going on two quilt retreats in January, so I just might be able to do it. But don't you dare ask about "Friendship Medallion," and I won't ask YOU about it either! ggg

  2. Where in Australia do you live? LOL! Those hail stones are enormous. Love all your work, especially your hexagon quilt.
    Cheers Sue