Monday, December 26, 2011

We very nearly had a white Christmas yesterday!
A day full of strange weather patterns- the day started clear, sunny and hot.  About 30 degrees C and quite humid, by lunchtime, it was a very gray day indeed, threatening rain, but still very warm and humid.
Whilst eating our Christmas tea about 5 pm, we had the best thunderstorm with the biggest hail I've ever seen.

This was a smallish one!!  The noise as the hail hit the road and the roof was very loud.

Dessert made the experience so much easier to take!  Especially after we checked the holes in the Laserlight roof over our back verandah.  Oh well, at least no-one was hurt.


  1. And I thought the few hailstones that fell here were big...until I saw the news reports!... literally on the edge of the storm here, it lasted all of 2 minutes and the ice was only 2cm across, small in comparison...shame about the laserlight but good no-one was injured and you had a good dessert on hand to help with recovery...

  2. Surfing and lurking in a bit of down time, anything to get away from the 35mm slide converter, back to box 1964 so thoght I would take a rest. Pav looks great and I enjoyed the past posts.