Thursday, January 12, 2012

I've been working along on my Bonnie K. Hunter mystery quilt - "Orca Bay".
I'm quite the tortoise on this quilt, slowly moving through each of the steps.  I'm currently up to Step 7 of 8, so I'm nearing the finish line.
There was quite a bit of string piecing onto a paper foundation, I got quite good at tearing paper strips off!  These blocks are looking very nice now, all trimmed up to size.

These red string blocks were sliced in half on the diagonal, then trimmed to look neat and lovely.
 Onwards to lots of triangles!These look OK from a distance, but I always have trouble with keeping everything nice and square.  A little judicious trimming helped a lot.

String pieced flying geese.  Don't these look nice and tidy?
And don't these Ohio Star blocks look very elegant?
I love the colour combination, although I'm not a big user of black in my quilts.
I'm enjoying this quilt, I did have huge doubts earlier on in the process, but I'm loving it now.
More Sewing is in my future tonight!

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  1. Oh, this is looking wonderful! Don't you just love string piecing? I'm a huge fan of it. You're right. Those string pieced geese look great. I like your color combination too. It will be fun to see it all together. Keep up the good work!