Friday, January 13, 2012

What a difference a day can make.
I've been desperately trying to get along with my Orca Bay quilt, so I've only been working on that one.  I couldn't let myself sew on anything else, even when I didn't feel like stitching on it anymore.  Silly, I know.
Well, this morning I finally thought "Enough"!  LOL.  I'm leaving Orca for a while- I need a break.
Soooo, look at what I've been creating.....

It came together so quickly.


A whole quilt finished in a day.  Patting myself on my back quite vigorously.
I've been wanting to make a small quilt for quite a while, opportunity beckoned recently when Jo of Jo's Country Junction announced a "Quilt Square" quilt along.
Using a Quilt Square pattern from Lori Smith of From my heart to your Hands ,we are creating a 12" square quilt each month.  I needed to order my pattern from the extremely lovely Lori before I could commence.  It was certainly a lovely day yesterday when it arrived.
Lori runs her pattern business herself.  I ordered my patterns over the Christmas period, so I wasn't expecting to see them quickly.  Lori emailed me with apologies that she was spending time with her family, but my patterns wouldn't be too far away. I was very pleasantly surprised that  she included one of her other patterns for me for being patient!  I was amazed by such good and thoughtful service.  (For those of us not in the USA, she also caps her postage at $4).  I'll certainly be looking again at her other lovely patterns.

 Seems I'm on a roll with small quilts!  LOL.
Kathleen Tracy of A Sentimental Quilter is also hosting a quilt-along with her blog and  her Yahoo group- "Small Quilt Talk".  The first quilt off the mark, is her Crosses Mourning Quilt from her second book- Prairie Children and their Quilts.
I also had to wait for this book to arrive before I could look at starting this quilt.  I am taking the option of creating the quilt in 4 blocks only, instead of the 9 in the book.

So, here is my start.  A little more cutting, and I might make a start on this tonight!  Oh my, what have I started?
I can't tell you how good this feels.


  1. Gorgeous small quilt...mmmm I see you've now resorted to indirect cohersion...I have that book!....oh the temptation......let me just back away from the bookcase! *LOL*...

  2. Your little square is so nice-looking. I have met Lori and I'm glad you too discovered what a nice person she is. I have one of her fat quarter quilt patterns, and another called "Ode to the 30's" that I will someday make in modern, bright fabrics. You have excellent taste in quilt designers. But didn't we already know that already!?

  3. Your quilt square is very pretty! You have some sweet fabrics in there! I am doing the small quilts too! I didnt do the mourning quilt because I was doing a "pink lemonade" from Humble Quilts.

  4. I too like the feeling of accomplishment when I complete something in a day. Your little quilt is great..I hope you keep sewing along with us. February is Bear Paw.