Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Netherfield out of the corner.

Well, Netherfield couldn't stay in the corner for ever,  so onwards and upwards.
As irritating as it was that the pattern seemed incorrect, I've worked out a solution that works for me.  It does look a little wavy, but sits flat.  Just needs a good press.
Flying geese have been added as the next border.

I still really love the look of this quilt.
The next border is lots and lots and lots of hexagons.  I know what I'll be doing for the next few weeks.
I'm trying very hard to stay on track with this quilt as I have another in this series started, and my eldest DD has REQUESTED a quilt.!!!!!  She was walking past as I was looking at a quilt online, and asked if I would make it for her!!!!  How can I say no?  I figure a perfect 21st birthday present, which gives me a few years.  Believe me, it'll take me that long.  

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  1. This is looking really good, though I sure don't envy you all that hexagon-making! Nice that you've gotten a request. I don't think there's a much better honor than being ASKED for a quilt. Have fun with it!