Friday, May 31, 2013

A Finish.

I'm feeling very good today.  I finished sewing on the binding last night whilst watching an archived version of Bonnie K Hunter's latest Quiltcam.  If you've never seen her on Quiltcam, have a look at her channel on YouTube , it's not a class but rather a sew along which feels like you're sitting in a room together.  I don't need to see what Bonnie is doing, I just listen to her talk so I sew away merrily whilst she chats on and keeps me company in my sewing room.

I love the textured look of the quilting. 


  1. Hi Kerry, I don't know if your realise that your blog posts are coming out dark green writing on a purple background? I can't read them at all, which is why I haven't commented recently. I read on an iPad. Are the colours the same on a laptop?

  2. Hi Sarah, I'm so sorry that you can't read my blog. I know it's OK on my PC, and I can see it on my work PC. I also know that it's OK on a mac. Tried the page on my ipad- it's purple!
    I'll see if I can work out why.
    Thanks for letting me know.

  3. That is so cute...great choice for the quilting, simple and ever so effective...