Monday, May 27, 2013

Hand Quilting.

I recently came across a Blog Hop looking at various people's handquilting, on Celebrate Hand Quilting.  The Hop has finished, but the links are still available, please go and  have a look around at some handquilting.
I love the look of hand quilted quilts.  So much softer looking than machine quilting.  However, I've always done basic machine quilting because handquilting takes soooo long.
I've been making some small quilts, so decided that given they are very manageable in size, I would try to handquilt some of them.
Back in October, I finished this little quilt.

 I finished quilting the little logs a few weeks ago, but couldn't decide on what to quilt in the borders.
Something simple seemed best, so I opted for a row of diamonds.  Two needles made it even quicker.

I think it looks good.  Now to do the other side.


  1. The hand quilting looks lovely. Great colours in this little quilt - love it!

  2. Your hand quilting looks so pretty. Nice even stitches too! Very well done.

  3. Very Nice. Love your little quilt. ..and that is a great choice of stitching for the border.