Saturday, May 25, 2013

Just Takes 2.

My Just Takes 2 quilt is enjoying a bit of time out of the project box.  Whilst Netherfield is sulking in the corner, I'm taking the opportunity to get a few more JT2 blocks finished.
Before I started this quilt, I really disliked foundation piecing on paper.  Truth be told, I still really dislike it.  I always manage to get some fabric pieces around the wrong way, or trim the whole patch off rather than trim the seam allowance.
JT2 seems to be mostly foundation pieced.   I do feel that I have gained some skills in this method, but I don't think I'll ever really love it!

The first 3 blocks are all foundation pieced.  The last 2 are hand appliqued- my favourite thing ever.


  1. They are all stunning! Foundation paper piecing makes it so accurate - I have used it a lot too. But I do know what you mean - need to keep the brain in gear !

  2. Well considering how much you dislike the technique you've done a fabulous job with the foundation piecing, so perfectly accurate...all the blocks look experience with machine foundation piecing is not a happy memory - yes "that" block! - and even with the hand foundation pieced quilt that has been on the go for, um, cough, let's not say how long, I still manage to get it upside down and wrong way up so I'm very impressed with your efforts...