Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hand Quilting.

Back to my week away at Summer School.
Friday was spent quietly stitching away- handquilting the Crib Quilt. 
Many years ago, I took a class with Liuxin Newman (the Thimblelady).  Such a lovely person and a great teacher.  I learnt to handquilt with my thumb.  On Friday, I tried quilting with my middle finger, but it just didn't feel right.  So back to my thumb, I guess.  Works for me, anyway.
Well, it was supposed to be stitching.  The weather that day wasn't at all conducive to hand quilting, we managed to get to 38 C.  Apparently this is unheard of in the mountains.  No airconditioning.  Need I say more??

It's very meditative, but soooo slow.
I've found the trick for me, is to leave the quilt in the hoop in my sewing room.  I can stitch a block whenever I just wander in for a while.

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  1. Look at all that progress, you'll have it finished in no time, it's looking good...I figure if you find a technique that works for you, stick to it...