Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Not the best of days...

I've been machine sewing up a storm the last couple of days.  I really wanted to get the Easy Street top together, and finish the Crib Quilt.
Here are my 9 B blocks for Easy Street.  I was very pleased to get these done.
UNTIL I looked closely at the blocks after taking this pic.  I usually show pics of things I'm happy with.  Not so here.  SIX blocks not pieced correctly.  SIX!
I hate unpicking.
These blocks are now waiting in a pile until next week.  I'm sulking.

I have, however, finished my 25 16 A blocks.  Eeek, 25 blocks total, not 25 A blocks, no thankyou.

Back to sulking.  The Crib Quilt just wasn't sitting right. Lost points, wiggly blocks.   This is for a hand-quilting class, so I want it to be nice and flat.
Last night I unpicked the 30 blocks and re-ironed, starched, and re-trimmed.  Hopefully now they're nice and square.  Sigh.  I hate unpicking.  I feel like I'm an expert at the moment.

Sewing along merrily- only to find this...
More unpicking.

So many seams, I've pressed the main seams open.  The seam intersection were very bulky.  Any ideas- is pressing open OK?  I tried twirling them at the intersections but it didn't want to work.

Sometimes I feel like nothing will go right.
Hopefully I've finished with the frog-stitching for now.


  1. Just remember...you are not alone in the crib quilt...we are in this together, mine is an mitigated disaster...at least we'll have company at the back of the class :(

  2. Ack! I really feel for you. Sometimes things don't go right and then everything seems to be a failure at once... at least that's what sometimes happens with me. I wish I could be at your side to help you unsew. And yes, you absolutely can open up seam allowances. It used to be that was "forbidden," as it was thought to put more stress on the sewing thread. But more and more, we're seeing it, particularly among modern quilters. Depending on the block, I'm pressing mine open too. You can feel okay about doing it with yours. Hang in there.

  3. Sorry to hear you have to unsew 6 blocks.

    Why did you make 25 "A" blocks? I think the instructions said 16.

  4. The last couple of clues were a lot more involved than the rest and if like me you work from memory very easy to have a hiccup. I thought I'd done all the different blocks I needed to start putting mine together when I discovered I haven't made any of the border triangles! Hoping I make the deadline for linking. Maybe you can use extra blocks in the backing? That's always a good solution or you've got a start on a lap quilt!