Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Back From Summer School.

Another successful week away doing nothing other than socialising and sewing.  Summer School is a much needed battery re-charge.
I took a 2 day class with Susan Smith - a lovely basket quilt called "Sweet William".

My blocks don't look quite as good as the original, but I've got a way to go.

 I started some of the applique, but then decided that I'm just going to get a lot of the baskets stitched first.
The applique is quite easy, so won't take very long.
The original quilt has a lovely buttery yellow for the setting blocks.  Originally, I was thinking that I would look for a similar fabric.   However,  I found a sweet pale blue fabric which might just fit the bill.


  1. What a beautiful pattern - you must have had fun. Your baskets look beautiful!
    Every Stitch