Sunday, September 11, 2011

Step 3 Done.

A large part of Step 3 was completed at my Friday night sewing group.  I haven't taken machine sewing for a long time, so was very happy with myself when I cleaned and oiled it in preparation for a long nights stitching.
Imagine my horror when I got all my sewing things out only to discover that I'd left the table part of my Bernina at home.  When I sew at home, it fits into a table that my DH made for me but I'd completely forgotten that important piece of gear when I packed up.
Thanks to the kindness of fellow sewers, a machine was lent to me for the night by the wonderful Corliss of Threadbear  Quilt shop in Castlemaine.
So, I finished the step tonight,in anticipation of the next part.
Please excuse the partially amputated projects behind the Medallion.  I really need to work out how to crop my pics!
I was hoping to spend some time stitching on my Anna quilt from Patchwork on Stonleigh's Summer School last January, but can't find my instructions.  If anyone knows where they are, would you let me know please?  LOL.


  1. Your quilt is so colorful! I really like the fabrics you've picked. Those "lozenges" in part three look really nice. Glad it worked out for you to borrow a sewing machine so you could get this done. Good on you!

  2. Love it! The Lozenges are great. I've never made those before. Wish I could get more time to work on mine! VBG

  3. It's far...impatiently waiting to see the next did you find Anna? If not you know there is a copy in my sewing room...after I over sashed the centre hexies on Saturday I'm not playing with it at the moment...grrrr reverse sewing....