Saturday, September 17, 2011

FNSI and a found pattern.

Once again, last night was the  monthly Friday Night Sew In..  I really like the fact that I can give myself "permission" to sit and sew for a whole night with minimal interruptions and not feel guilty!   Silly, I know.
Well, I found my Anna quilt pattern after much searching.  Isn't it frustrating when you know it's there, just not sure where?
So, onto the borders for the quilt.  Firstly, tracing, cutting and sewing the triangles together filled the night. 
Pinning, pinning, so much pinning......
Hmmm, might be a good time for the glue baste so I don't stick myself a million times whilst appliqueing.
Only a million more hexagons and it's finished!


  1. What! Appliqued triangles for the outer borders...mmm my brain obviously didn't compute that part of the is looking fantastic...have fun with the million brain is also ignoring that I still have to tackle that bit too!...

  2. How nice that you took the time - gave yourself permission - to sew last night! I'm very glad for you. The project you found and are working on is beautiful. Gosh, I'm seeing lots of hexies! Did you hand piece (English paper piece) all of them? You have such a knack for picking great fabric combinations.