Thursday, September 22, 2011

Spring, lovely Spring...

I love Spring.  After the dreariness of winter, a little bit of sun's warmth feels good.  It's nice to get out into the garden, or just open all the windows and let the sunshine in.
Today is a wonderful Spring day, 21 C , warm breeze, just gorgeous.
I opened my sewing room windows today and had a lovely time just stitching in the quietness.  Finished the next step of the Medallion Quilt, I'm liking how it looks.
The pattern used a new (to me) method of flying geese construction.  I usually cut rectangles of fabric and  stitch squares of background to each corner diagonally, then trim and flip the background back..  This method used 1 large square, with 4 smaller background squares and produced 4 geese per block.  (I hope that's clear!)  I must say that although the new method is a bit quicker, I lost a lot of my points so I don't think I'll bother with it again.
I'm still enjoying the challenge of only using fabrics from my stash.  As the quilt gets bigger, it's getting harder to find pieces big enough for the sashing.  I don't, as a rule, have large pieces.  I find myself buying smaller pieces now.  Fat 1/8ths and 1/16ths.  Maybe because I do a lot more applique now.
Anyway, I'm still having fun with this project.


  1. It gets more gorgeous with each round...don't think I'll try the new method of flying geese, it took long enough to figure out the usual way!...

  2. I think that your Medallion quilt is looking great.

  3. I'm continuing to enjoy - and be jealous of - your progress on this quilt top. It's really beautiful, Kerry! You've picked simply lovely colors together. I usually use the method you described... at least I think it's the same method. I love the no-waste Flying Geese way to sew them. Here's the link to the instructions I follow:
    I've taught this method in my quilting classes.

  4. The quilt is getting nicer as you go. I bet you are really pleased with your progress. I'm still stuck on the churn dash blocks. HoHum!:-)