Thursday, September 29, 2011

Oh, the weather!

Oh how quickly things can change.  Last week was gorgeous warm Spring weather. Perfect to be out in the garden in t-shirt and  3/4 length pants.  If I say the last couple of days have been perfect quilting weather, you'll know what I mean.  It's been freezing cold and raining, yesterday was a great show from nature- thunder and lightning like I haven't seen for some years, and the heaviest September downpour since 1916 or something like that!  We had 48 ml in our raingauge in about 12 hours here.
I have a couple (or more!) projects on the go here.  I finished the border edge on my Anna quilt by Karen Cunningham.
The outer blue triangles are all cut and pieced separately, I really didn't think that it was all going to be the right measurement.  I shouldn't have doubted, it fit perfectly!
I've also started a quilt called Mrs Billings Coverlet.  Sigh.  It really called my name!
Anyway, I've also been working on the centre of the medallion.
Those hexies are 5/8" each and the diamond shapes are just tiny.  I do love the pattern though.  You won't believe how long I agonised over the placement of those outer 4 corners.  I measured about a million times to make sure they were correct before I cut them.  They were supposed to flow around the corners, all in the one direction.  Oh well.  Can't believe I didn't see that they didn't until it was all stitched together!


  1. Oh my! Your Mrs. Billings Coverlet looks like a grand undertaking. You've definitely made a pretty start. And if you wanted, it wouldn't be too difficult to unstitch and change those blocks before you go further. I think they'd be pretty easy to pop out of there. And I say this because I've recently done that several times with my grandson's embroidered birth sampler. Best to make yourself happy now instead of saying, "I wish I'd..." after it's too late!

  2. I’m very impressed with your quilting ability. How long have you been quilting?

  3. Anna is looking is Mrs Billings...loving the centre...

  4. boy oh boy a lincoln toy! The centre of Mrs Billings is looking grand - like your colours. You are so prolific - you put me to shame!