Friday, December 31, 2010

A Belated Merry Christmas.

Well, a little late, but never mind.  Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas.
We celebrated this year by beating a retreat to a local beach and spending a week there. 
Many fantastic quilt books found their way down our chimney with Santa, and the odd bit of fabric too.  All in all a lovely day.
 I managed to find some time to continue stitching on my Joseph's Coat blocks.  They're coming along slowly but surely.

 I had to leave my sewing on Bonnie K Hunter's latest mystery Roll Roll Cotton Boll when we went away.  I felt quite itchy to keep stitching on this quilt.  Couldn't quite talk DH into letting me take my sewing machine with us on holidays.  Probably couldn't have fit it in the car anyway. 
So I've finished Step 1 ,2 and 4.
 I'm part way through Step 3 with string piecing 60 blocks.  Time consuming is all I can say, but an easy step.
And a little of Step 5 have been stitched. 
I still have no idea what this quilt will look like when finished. 


  1. Oh, a beach holiday would be so nice right about now. I'm glad you could get away. And how diligent of you to work on Joseph's Coat while you were gone. You're SO good! Yes, that "little" RRCB mystery is moving along, even as you and I both try to keep up! Those 600 HST in step five are almost too much. Besides, I'm still on holiday. The busyness of life will return soon enough. I'm looking forward to seeing what you and I accomplish during 2011. Have a wonderful year!

  2. Well done on the books front Santa...go you on RRCB...and Joseph's little overachiever you *LOL* :)