Sunday, December 5, 2010

Just for something a little different to throw into the piecing mix at the moment- we have a mystery!  I had to wait until purchasing some pink before I started in on Step 1 of Bonnie K Hunters latest mystery.  Roll Roll Cotton Boll started 3 Fridays ago, but I didn't start until last Thursday.  I must say that the first step was very quick and easy.  Simple strip piecing and cross cutting.
 Step 2 is partly done.  I've cut out the fabrics into paired rectangles, they just need cutting with my Easy Angle ruler into matching triangles.
 Found this piece of green fabric in the bottom  of the green tub.  It's actually from my original wall hanging that started me on this great quilting journey back in about 1989.  It's been cut up now and is in this quilt!
 As an aside, here is a pic of something I said I'd never do.  Save selvages.  Oh no, I'm being drawn down into the vortex captain.  I tried to throw them out, really I did.  But the pull was too strong.  Of course, I haven't actually made them into anything yet.  I'm not totally caught up in it yet!


  1. Well done on getting the mystery started...all I've managed is to print the steps are certainly in the Bonnie spirit with finding and using that piece of green fabric...1989 and it fits in beautifully...
    Oh oh...not the selvedges!!

  2. Yea, I know what you mean, why do I need to start a new bin of a new type of material? I DON'T.... but I too, now have a bin of selvages all ready to sew with - when that day comes.... one thing about selvages, you have to save them.... it takes time.... can't just go pull them off the shelves.... like pink, green, and brown.

  3. Hi Kerry! Once again, you're a gal after my own heart! I've considered doing RRCB, but was unsure about the colors. Think I'd like doing it? Or might I be taking on too much? And those selvages... oh I'm saving them too! I can't believe how many have accumulated from my own stash! Now friends are also saving them for me. Guess you and I will be making another quilt the same!

  4. I was trying to resist doing RRCB but then I visited Linda's blog and she pointed me here! This afternoon, I plan to start cutting my fabric into strips.

    I love your colors and also have several of the Jo Morton fabrics you're using. I won't be including them as I'm hoping to use up more of my 30 year stash.

    And selvages? I'm about halfway through a selvage quilt myself and have piles of them all over my sewing room. Its a bit embarrassing. Its a good thing I can close the door and not see the mess especially now that strips will be joining them!