Wednesday, December 1, 2010

After last weeks effort at getting somewhere with the Princess Feather border, I got a little over applique!  Shocking, I know. In reality, I need to spread out all the fabrics and my pattern and choose the colours for the next bit of stitching.  I always end up with pattern, background and fabrics everywhere in my kitchen and dining room.  I do really need to spread out to get a good idea of what I need to use.  (that's my story anyway!) However, to keep my fingers in shape, I decided I really needed to get a wriggle on with some more Dear Jane blocks.  I've been sadly neglecting them lately.  It didn't help that my Dear Jane support group was meeting yesterday and I didn't have any finished blocks to show since last months meeting.
So, during the last week I've finished these little beauties.  Well, the little pink one is only half finished, but nearly!  : c )  We don't meet again until the end of January, so I might put in a huge effort  over the holidays and get lots done to show at the next class.  Or not!
 Of course, then I needed to get some pinks for the next round.
I'm also going to start the latest Bonnie K Hunter  mystery- Roll Roll Cotton Boll.  I'm going to use Bonnie's colours, so went looking in my tubs for pinks, greens and browns.  I've got heaps of greens (some dating back more than 10 years)  and browns, but little in the way of pinks.  So what was I to do but go shopping whilst at my support group at Quilters Bazaar in Gisborne.  Even better, they were having a 25 % off sale!!!  So I helped them out a bit with some purchases.  May have to go back tomorrow as I need some yardage for borders etc., and they had some lovely fabrics that would be perfect.
These are only fat 1/8s, fat 1/4s and a few 25 cm pieces.  I love the checks.  Oh, and I have a thing for dark brown fabric with a dash of pink in it.


  1. Good for you to jump into Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll. I read through Bonnie's directions and have opted to wait to see what this is going to look like. Mystery projects don't always work for me. As for the colors, I'd have to go shopping for everything but green, so IF I decide to do it - after I've gotten a look at how it's going - I'll definitely choose different colors so I can cull from my stash. I'll be watching to see how you go. Have fun!

  2. Love those Dear Jane blocks...very nice...
    Over applique? Never!