Friday, December 17, 2010

Everyone is busy at this time of year, but thankfully, the busyness around here is slowing down.
DD's have finished school for the year and their after-school activities have finished.  I've started my yearly clean of the house, (I actually do clean throughout the year, but this is a pre-Christmas big tidy up! LOL ).    I like to pull out furniture, dust and mop, and de-clutter now whilst the  weather is decent and my windows are all open.  The school uniforms are washed and put away, and relaxation can begin.
 The dining room table is cleared of clutter, and the Santas are in residence.  Feels more like Christmas already.  I love getting out the decorations and my Nativity, brightens the house up.
 I've traced out some more pattern pieces for the Princess Feather border.  The preparation takes a fair amount of time, and I need lots of space to work out my fabrics, so this can't be done when DH is home. Horrific thought that he should see just how much Kaffe Fassett fabric I seem to have accumulated!
This quilt just keeps chugging along slowly.  This is Joseph's Coat , a quilt along with Kellie Wulfson that has been going for over 12 months now.  I have found it to be a great take-along project as I have several blocks prepped and ready to stitch.  Great for found time at appointments.  There are 49 blocks in this quilt, I've done about 35 I think.  Into the home stretch now.
 I've also managed to stitch another few Dear Jane blocks in the last few days.  Need to keep up with those or I'll be sewing it in my eighties!


  1. Kerry, are those two Jim Shore Santas I see there? How nice for you to be able to open windows and have a good clean-up. At -7C here, open windows are NOT a good thing!

    I'm so impressed with your Joseph's Coat blocks! Wow! How wonderful for you to be so far along. And your colors are gorgeous.

    Enjoy the season.

  2. Good thing you opened the windows last week...before Winter returned in the middle of Summer!
    Love the Santa Parade.
    You definitely can't be giving away secrets like the extent of the Kaffe stash to those who may not quite understand why it is all absolutely necessary!! *LOL*
    Josephs Coat is looking fantastic...can't wait to see it all done...